Transforming Print Production Processes with a Layout Tool

Transforming Print Production Processes with a Layout Tool

Editors can arrange, format and customise sections. This integrated workflow significantly reduces the need for specialists to perform repetitive mechanical tasks and lowers staffing demands.

As publishing increasingly moves online, designing print newspapers can be simplified through digital layout tools. One such solution is the Roxen Layout Tool, which aims to make the process more effective and less staff-intensive.

Rather than relying solely on human designers, the Roxen tool uses templates and automation to assist in the composition of print pages. Editors can arrange, resize and format articles flexibly within preset section designs. Images and advertisements are also dynamically incorporated.

All layout functions occur virtually through a user-friendly interface, allowing a single editor to complete pages remotely rather than loading physical presses. It also enables collaboration so multiple users can work simultaneously.

The Roxen tool syncs layouts across digital and print platforms. Stories laid out digitally for the website will automatically appear correctly formatted on mockups or PDFs of actual printed pages, streamlining the workflow from online to print.

Such integration reduces duplication of work. Editors need only focus creative energy on content selection, not repetitive mechanical tasks. As a result, fewer specialists are required for basic mechanical print layouts.

At the same time, the Roxen system retains a human perspective through editorial review and customisation options. Major design changes or last-minute adjustments are still possible before print deadlines.

Roxen Layout Tool digitalises formerly manual print production steps to optimise resources for publishing organisations transitioning to multi-platform distribution models.

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