Hevosurheilu celebrated its 100th anniversary

On 15.5.2024, Hevosurheilu magazine's 100th anniversary race was held in Vermo in Helsinki The 8th start, sponsored by Fiare, was won by An-Dorra with Ville Tonttila

On 15.5.2024, in the familiar Wednesday style, there was another trotting night, but not in the usual style, but in honour of the 100-year-old Hevosurheilu magazine. For the free event, the first 100 attendees were entertained with coffee cakes and there were many kinds of side events.

Horse racing partners Fiare, Kaleva, which is responsible for the printing of Horse Racing North, and Taikatilaus, which is responsible for the digital ordering process, had sponsored one trotting start each. The sponsors were able to get to know the world of trotting quite closely, as the two daring riders of each sponsors were put on an intermediate start for one lap to take the place of the first fearer of the double cart.

Parishes Ranipa, the head of Fiare's Indian unit, happened to visit Finland after a break of several years, and he also got to steer the racehorse. Due to the fact that trotting is not popular in India, Parishesh's horse galloped immediately after the start, but after the event this did not bother the handler himself in any way.

The opening video, recorded by Vermo, presents the "Horse racing magazine 100v - Amazing Horse Race" start of amateur instructors.

Horse racing will celebrate its 100th anniversary throughout 2024. One great way to celebrate with them is to buy a digital reading package for a month and go to Vermo for free one Wednesday or some other day somewhere else to watch the races.

Fiare start winner at Vermo 15.5.2024
Fiare start winner at Vermo 15.5.2024

The 8th start, sponsored by Fiare, was won by a horse named An-Dorra. At the award, An-Dorra was given the Fiare Media Tools warp with the caption "IT projects don't gallop with us". Instructor Ville Tonttila was clearly amused by the warp and it is hoped that this will become An-Dorra's favorite warp at the home stable. The horse himself is still in the early stages of his career and Fiare wishes him many more good starts.

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