Utilizing AI in a modern CMS

Utilizing AI in a modern CMS

Bold CMS AI features: Automate your time more efficiently

Bold's AI features support and help journalists in their work, and in no way replace them. Its purpose is not to produce the text of the articles itself. At the moment, Bold uses artificial intelligence to e.g automatically generate headlines, SEO fields, social media descriptions and push notification fields based on written stories.

For example, filling in SEO fields correctly is very important for search engine visibility and increases visitor numbers. It is common for these fields to be either completely unfilled or filled incompletely by suppliers. By utilizing artificial intelligence, these important fields can also be created automatically and properly in Bold CMS.

The figure illustrates the effect of SEO description and title in search engine view.
The image shows SEO title (title) and description (description) in search engine view.
The picture shows a view of the Bold editor and adding SEO fields using artificial intelligence.
In Bold CMS, with one click, the AI will suggest you a few suitable options from which you can easily choose the one you like.

In addition to these, artificial intelligence can also be used in Bold CMS for reformatting written text, summarizing a long text and translating an article into another language. The last one is very useful if the publisher wants to publish the same story in Finnish and Swedish, for example. Of course, the translation must be checked through, but automatic translation makes the work much more efficient. The articles on our website (fiaremediatools.fi, fiaremediatools.com) are also written in both Finnish and English, and this is where Bold's automatic translator has been a great help to us.

More AI-enabled features are expected, and it will be interesting to see what is coming, as well as how AI-enabled features will be received by journalists in the longer term.

Here at Fiare Media Tools, we work closely with editorial staff and listen to their feedback and wishes also to promote the development of AI-powered features.

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