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Data Protection Clause

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Data Protection Clause Fiare Media Tools Oy

This privacy statement explains what personal data Fiare Media Tools Oy processes, how and for what purposes it is processed.

This Privacy Policy applies:

  • Dealings between Fiare Media Tools and you
  • Use of products offered by Fiare Media Tools
  • Newsletters managed by Fiare Media Tools ("Newsletter")

1. General information about the data protection clause

Fiare Media Tools Oy is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and the users of and, which it maintains, in accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the Networks Data Protection Act 2018/1050, as well as the number of authorities in accordance with the provisions, as they obligate the Service provider at any given time.

By using the Service, the user accepts the terms contained in this privacy statement. If the User does not accept the terms, the user must stop using the Service or prohibit the use of their data in the Service producer's announcement by leaving the Newsletter's email list.

2. Information to be collected

The service provider collects personal data from the User that is necessary for the processing purposes described in section 4 of the Terms. Information collected about the user includes:

- User's personal information:

Business contact information, such as name, address, phone number and email address the registration information required for the user account, such as username, nickname, password and other possible identification of the User communication between the user and the Service provider, such as contacts, feedback and requests profiling and interest information provided by the user permits, consents and authorizations prohibitions other information collected with the User's consent

- Information describing the use of the service:

information related to the use of the identified User's service, such as usage and browsing data of the Service's features information collected with the help of cookies and other similar technologies, such as the page the User browsed, the page from which the User has moved to the Service, terminal device model, unique device or cookie identifier, communication channel (desktop, mobile browser, application), browser version, IP address, session identifier, session time and duration, screen resolution and operating system all other information that the User enters or uploads to the Service (e.g. information that the User enters into a web template or a photo that the User uploads to the Service) The service provider stores the information in the customer register

The user's name, rank or profession, one identifying information associated with the user, contact information for contact, and e-mail communication with the user

3. Sources of data to be collected

- The main sources of personal data collected from the user are:

The information provided by the user in connection with registering for the Service or updating the user profile, and the information obtained through the techniques described in these Terms about using the Service.

4. The purpose of collecting personal data

- The service provider collects personal data only for predefined purposes, which can be divided as follows:

Management, operation, maintenance and improvement of the service Development and customization of the service and related products and services answering questions and requests and implementing them Fulfilling the legal obligations of the service provider other purposes authorized by the User other uses in accordance with applicable legislation other communication with the User

5. Storage of personal data

The service provider keeps personal data only as long as it is necessary to implement the purposes of use identified in section 4 above, in accordance with the legislation and official regulations in force at any given time.

The service provider also stores personal data as required by applicable legislation.

6. Processing of personal data

Personal data is primarily processed by the Service provider's employees.

If the Service provider has outsourced the processing of personal data to a third party, the Service provider ensures through contractual arrangements that the applicable legislation and regulations of the authorities are followed in the processing of personal data.

Personal data is primarily processed in the EU/EEA regions. The service provider may have to allow the transfer of data outside the EU/EEA areas, in which case the level of personal data protection may be weaker than in the EU/EEA areas. In these contexts, the service provider ensures the level of adequate protection of personal data, among other things, by contractual means required by legislation, for example by using the European Commission's model contract clauses.

7. Disclosure of personal data

The service provider does not sell, rent or hand over the User's personal data to third parties in situations other than those mentioned below in section 7.

Personal data can be disclosed to a third party, if the User has given his express consent.

Personal data may be disclosed due to an order of a competent authority or other party binding on the Service provider based on the applicable legislation at the time.

Personal data may be disclosed for scientific or historical research, in which case the data will be changed in such a way that the User is not identifiable.

Personal data may be disclosed in connection with a business reorganization related to the Service, such as a business transaction, merger or division, to the party to such reorganization or to its advisors.

8. Protection of personal data

The service provider uses the necessary technical and operational means to protect personal data against unauthorized access, disclosure, disposal or other unauthorized processing in accordance with its information security policy.

Such means include, for example, the use of firewalls, encryption technologies and secure equipment rooms, appropriate access control, controlled granting of user rights and supervision of their use, instructing the personnel involved in the processing of personal data and careful selection of subcontractors.

Although the Service provider does its best to protect personal data from possible risks and disclosures, it is impossible to create complete data security in an online environment. Therefore, the User should not disclose any information in the communication with the Service provider or on the Network that is particularly sensitive or that is not specifically required in that context.

9. Use of cookies

Cookies are small files stored by the browser on the User's terminal device, which contain a unique identifier. With them, the Service provider or Network administrator can identify the User and review visits to the Service provider's online services.

The Service provider can collect information about the use of the Service with the help of cookies and other technologies, such as the use of the browser's local data storage.

10. Data collection by third parties

Third parties refer to parties outside the Service related to the Service, such as providers of measurement and monitoring services (e.g. Leadfeader), as well as providers of so-called community-related services, such as LinkedIn and Google.

Since the services of the aforementioned third parties are based, to the extent that they are offered or utilized in connection with the Service, on data transfer between the Service and the service provided by the third party in question, it is possible that such a third party is able to collect information about the User, among other things, by installing cookies on the User's terminal device.

To the extent possible, the service provider will use contractual arrangements to make sure that such third parties comply with the legislation in force at any given time.

11. The user's possibilities of influence

- Prohibition of direct marketing:

The user has the right to prohibit the transfer and processing of their data for direct advertising, remote sales or other direct marketing by informing them by email to or by leaving the newsletter mailing list via the newsletter link.

- Access to personal data and correction of data:

The user has the right to check the personal data stored about him and to demand the correction, deletion or completion of incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated data by notifying him by e-mail to

- Deletion of data:

The user has the right to request the deletion of personal data stored about him by informing him at

- Withdrawal of consent:

The user has the right to withdraw his consent to the processing of personal data by notifying

- Limitation of processing:

The user has the right to demand that we limit the processing of disputed data until the matter is resolved by notifying

- Transfer from one system to another:

The user has the right to request that his personal data be transferred to another system by notifying

- Blocking cookies:

The user has the option to block the use of cookies by changing their browser settings. Blocking cookies can affect the User's user experience.

- Clearing cookies:

The user can clear cookies from their browser settings. Clearing cookies can affect the User's user experience.

- Right of appeal:

The user has the right to refer the matter to the data protection commissioner if he considers that the processing of his personal data violates the relevant legislation. Contact details of the data protection officer here.

12. Changing the privacy statement

The Service provider is constantly striving to develop the Service, which may result in the need for changes to these Terms. Needs for change can also arise from legislation and regulations of the authorities. The service provider has the right to change these Terms. Changes to the terms will be announced in the Service. The service provider invites the User to familiarize himself with the content of the Terms and Conditions regularly. Continuing to use the service after the publication of the new Terms is considered acceptance of the changed Terms.

13. Contacts

We ask the User to primarily direct all communications related to these Terms to the following personal data contact person: Juha Nurmela, phone 050 5890195 The user can also send contact related to these Terms to the address:

Fiare Media Tools Oy / Tammasaarenkatu 1 / 00180 Helsinki

Last updated: April 12, 2024