Running Editorial Workflows with Bold

Running Editorial Workflows with Bold

When working with in-house and external teams, it's important to establish an effective workflow that is easy for all involved parties to follow.

With the prevalence of remote, hybrid and distributed working models today, having a standardized workflow removes friction from the process. Automation can be key in maintaining a workflow that fits all needs. This helps ensure everyone understands their responsibilities, how to complete their tasks, and where the work should go next. A systematic process broken down into discrete steps allows the work to flow smoothly.

Let's examine a typical editorial workflow. An editorial team oversees all content-related work. From idea generation to publication, content must go through several review and development cycles before release. Key stages include:

  • Content ideation and creation

  • SEO input and editing

  • Distribution platform preparation

  • Author inputs and additions (e.g. images, links, videos)

  • Content creation for different promotional channels

Developing and managing content and marketing efforts is challenging. A functional plan is needed to bring structure. The same is true for establishing overall workflows in a newsroom - clearly defined steps that are simple and accessible for writers/authors.

Running Workflows with Bold CMS

Creating quality targeted content takes significant time and effort. You want to produce original work relevant to your audience on trending topics. Bold allows in-house and guest creators a single platform to collaboratively develop diverse content formats.

An effective workflow establishes responsibilities at each stage. For example, after creation, the multimedia team may review an article to add images before approval. Bold facilitates these stages through a structured process and team collaboration tools.

Bold also considers access levels for control and simplicity. Core team members act as administrators, while others have access limited to their roles. Simplified dashboards improve the experience.

Pre-publication involves reviewing, editing, and enhancing visuals. Bold's image library and photo dump feature streamline discovering and inserting high-quality stock photos without separate requests.

Lastly, Bold previews output on different devices and channels allows scheduling publications and supports edits to published content while retaining timestamps. Performance insights help track KPIs and constantly improve processes.

Overall, a well-defined editorial workflow enabled by Bold CMS removes bottlenecks within complex teams and keeps content moving seamlessly through each stage.

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